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My letter from Agnetha

Agnetha made a TV-special "A för Agnetha" which was broadcast on Swedish TV in late April 1985. This and the next photo was taken during the making of the show.

In late May 1985, Agnetha attended a party in Stockholm to pick up a gold record.


In early June 1985 Agnetha was a guest on Hagge Geigert's show "Gäst hos Hagge". She was his 50th guest.


Agnetha was very satisfied with her appearance on the program. After the show she said:
"I have never been particularly good on TV. But I'm very pleased with Hagge's show. He made me relax."
Hagge himself said it was one of the best shows he had ever done.


In a tabloid, Hagge wrote in his column how pleasantly surprised he was after having met and interviewed Agnetha on the program. He really liked Agnetha and the tabloid wrote the headline: Hagge in love with Agnetha!


In October 1986, Agnetha performed together with Ola Håkansson on Flyktinggala -86 which was a TV-show for charity (collecting money for refugees).

Agnetha and Ola performed two songs from their single "The Way You Are / Fly Like The Eagle".

It had been over a year since Agnetha had recorded any new music, and after the show she said:
"It's fun to be back, but I don't know if I'll do anything more."

Agnetha and Peter Cetera

But at the same charity event, Agnetha met Peter Cetera. Agnetha was a fan of Peter and he was a fan of ABBA. So after the show they had dinner and that's when they began talking about Peter maybe producing an album for Agnetha.

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