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My letter from Agnetha

Most of the following articles/interviews have appeared in Swedish magazines/newspapers and have been translated by myself (unless otherwise noted). Eventually I will be adding more material.
When you click on a link, a new window will open up with the article. Once you've read it, just close the window.

Jönköpingsposten, January 1968

Bild Journalen, September 1968

VeckoRevyn, September 1969

Expressen, October 1969

Allers, September 1970

Damernas Värld, June 1971

VeckoRevyn, 1972

Se, March 1973

Hemmets Journal, March 1976

Aftonbladet, May 1979

A Nonsmoking Generation, 1980

VeckoRevyn, May 1981

Aftonbladet, October 1982

Aftonbladet, May 1983

Allers, June 1983

Röster i radio/TV, August 1983

Aftonbladet, October 1983

VeckoRevyn, November 1983

VeckoRevyn, December 1983

Aftonbladet, April 1984

VeckoRevyn, April 1984

Saxons, May 1984

Svenska Dagbladet, September 1984

Aftonbladet, September 1984

Aftonbladet, October 1984

Aftonbladet, March 1985

VeckoRevyn, April 1985

Västmanlands Folkblad, April 1985

Expressen, May 1985

Året Runt, May 1985

Året Runt, December 1986

Aftonbladet, July 1987

Expressen, July 1987

CliC, October 1987

Expressen, November 1987

Sen kväll med Luuk, April 2004

Ekstra Bladet, April 2004

Helsingin Sanomat, June 2004

Herald Sun, June 2004

The Sun, June 2004

 QX, June 2004

"Agnetha" (TV-documentary), June 2004

Radio Viking, July 2004

Nyhetsmorgon, December 2004

Elfving Möter, December 2013

Svensktoppen, September 2021



Below are some scans of some Swedish magazine covers that Agnetha has appeared on.

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