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My letter from Agnetha

An autographed postcard.

Agnetha outside Radio City Music Hall in New York City during a promotional visit in August 1983.

Agnetha trying out a hat for her role as Lisa in "Raskenstam".

My friend Cliff has created a website about "Raskenstam", so if you want to learn more about the movie, click on the image above.

Agnetha with Gunnar Hellström who played the role of Gustav Raskenstam.

Images like this made a Swedish tabloid (incorrectly) proclaim: Agnetha pregnant again.

Gunnar and Agnetha at a press conference after the advance screening of "Raskenstam".

Agnetha at the premiere of "Raskenstam" on August 19, 1983 together with her bodyguard/assistant Hans Blomgren.

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