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My letter from Agnetha

An early photo of Agnetha (in the middle) with her parents Birgit & Ingvar and her sister Mona.

Agnetha 5 years old.

Agnetha, 13 years old, in a school photo. Notice the missing "h" in Agneta. This is how she spelled her name until she changed it later on.

Agnetha at her graduation.

Promotional card from when Agnetha was known as Agneta and performing with Bernt Enghardts. Here's what it says on the card:
7 members
with the vocalist
Agneta Fältskog
The only problem -
She is too good!
Listen to our recordings

An ad from a local newspaper: Bernt Enghardts with Agneta.
Agnetha with Bernt Enghardts orkester.

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